I established my art studio in East Aurora, New York in 1971. I moved it to Buffalo, New York, various locations in New York City, Westerly, Rhode Island and back to Buffalo (painting) and East Aurora (works on paper) while maintaining residence in Manhattan. As of July, 2015 the Clufffalo Institute is located on the Roycroft Campus in Suite 120, The Print Shop, 21South Grove Street, East Aurora, New York 14052. Here is a catalog of paintings offered for sale at discount to further the mission of the Clufffalo Institute

I have presented my art in more than 70 solo exhibitions, 150 group exhibitions and examples of it are included in the collections of more than 70 museums. CV is here.

Here are books that represent my work:

Magnitudes: Paintings from the 1980s and 1990s.
O My Goodness
The Way to Clufffalo
Paintings 2011-13
The Clufffaloes
Clufffalo: Hamburg

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